• Restructuring and Insolvency

Restructuring and Insolvency

Practical solutions for distressed companies and feasible options for stakeholders.

At BDO, we provide specialists’ help to identify and resolve potential operational and financial problems and/or accept insolvency appointments in financially distressed situations.

Business recovery

In the unfortunate event that a business starts under-performing, it is crucial to seek expeditious advice from experts to avoid problems spiraling out of control.

BDO’s professionals can provide an independent appraisal of a troubled company’s position, identifying what needs to be done to get the business back on its feet.

Corporate insolvency administration

BDO’s specialist advisory team has extensive hands-on experience in corporate insolvency work involving assets in PRC and other countries. We provide wide range of insolvency advice to domestic and international companies across the board. Our insolvency professionals were awarded “Specialist Designation in Insolvency” by the Hong Kong Institute of Certified Public Accountants.

We are able to act as liquidators for compulsory court appointment or creditors’/members’ voluntary winding up. With the BDO network, we also assume the role of provisional liquidators, scheme administrators or special managers to rescue the troubled companies from being wound up.

We have also been actively participated in the insolvency law reforms from time to time.


We are well experienced in handling all kinds of receivership. Where a debenture holder wishes to enforce its security, we provide receivership services to secured creditors under fixed or floating charges. We also act as court-appointed receivers and managers. In all cases, our primary objective is to maximise asset realisations while, wherever possible, keeping the business in operation.

Personal insolvency

We provide a wide range of personal insolvency services including advising on bankruptcy procedures and individual voluntary arrangements (IVA), and devising the best solutions for creditors and troubled individuals. While seeking to maximise recoveries to the creditors, we also aim at assisting the bankrupt or troubled individuals to tide over the crisis and to resume normality as soon as possible.

Estates and Administrations

We have acted as administrators or executors of estates to realise the assets of the estates and make distributions to the beneficiaries. Where necessary, we have also initiated or responded to legal actions involving the estates to safeguard its assets in the interest of the beneficiaries.