Litigation Support and Matrimonial Advice

Litigation Support and Matrimonial Advice

Helping clients on specialist accounting and financial areas in settling disputes and winning cases.

At BDO, we understand the potential impact of litigation on a business. Our Special Advisory team is equipped with expertise, technical skills and commercial experience to mitigate disruptions and address costs concerns.

Expert witness

Expert witness is often known as opinion or scientific witness and may be called upon to court to submit evidence. The role of expert witnesses in court is to assist the court in understanding various technical issues. The task is highly specialised, entailing extensive research and preparation. Each expert witness is required to prove that he/she is appropriately qualified to act as such.

Our specialists combine professional knowledge with experience. We act with independence to help clients deal with critical events. We have the expertise and experience to undertake all types of accounting-related and finance-related assignments to help clients protect their interests.

We support and provide services to solicitors, counsels and their clients in various matters including conflicts in contractual obligations, accounting and financial reporting disputes, alleged loss of income, shareholders’ disputes, minority shareholders’ legal actions, shareholders-management conflicts, family disputes and estate administration issues.

Matrimonial dispute advisory services

There is a growing trend for engaging qualified accountants’ assistance in matrimonial disputes. We are well experienced in analyzing complicated and incomplete financial information.

With a good understanding and knowledge of the legal process, we are competent in compiling Duxbury calculations, conducting investigations into the spouse’s finances and preparing reports for Financial Dispute Resolution hearing. We also provide accountant support for disputes on trust and family assets as well as valuation on spouse-owned businesses.

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