Remote Workforce Hiring

Remote working is not just about a change in workplace - it requires a change in the entire work mode, armed with a marathon list of considerations to be addressed and taken care of in order to maintain the health, safety and work effectiveness of your employees. 

BDO responded with increased emphasis and attention, launching our remote workforce recruitment services which aims at benefiting your business by helping you identify the most suitable talents to join your remote workforce.


A snapshot of how we can help

By using evidence-based assessments, our offer will include:

  • Provide advice on the tasks, functions and roles that can potentially be performed on a remote basis;
  • Assist to formulate a resourcing strategy by offering a combination of 'people' solutions, including the recruitment of remote workforce, professional secondment and resource outsourcing services  - helping you achieve business sustainability and cost effectiveness in a long run;
  • Create and customise position/job descriptions for your remote vacancies; and
  • Professionally screen and select talents through the use of our 'remote-ability' assessment to shortlist the most suitable candidates for your remote workforce.




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