Corporate responsibility

Helping people through our impact

At BDO, we have always placed emphasis on having a sound corporate governance structure. Good corporate governance is the backbone of effective Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG), because it is so closely connected with frameworks for corporate strategy and risk management.

Climate change, rising industrialisation and the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic are all increasingly impacting business sustainability. The pandemic is disrupting the business environment, and our entire society has been facing unprecedented challenges. It is imperative that we rethink how businesses operate and behave if we are to ensure our systems and foundations are resilient and fit for a sustainable future. 

BDO ESG Report showcases our commitment to enhancing our ESG practices. One of our company's values is people helping people to achieve their dreams. By sharing our ESG philosophy, polices and measures in this report, we hope that we can help our community in realising the importance of ESG and continue to play a leading role in supporting our community to develop a sustainable future.

This report covers:

  • Our commitment to net zero
  • Our ESG footprint
  • Our governance and ESG philosophy
  • Our caring for the environment
  • Building social capital
  • Building human capital
  • Business model and innovation
  • Awards and certification
  • Our publications

To view our inaugural BDO ESG Report, please click here to download.