Global Risk Landscape 2024

Is adopting an ‘antifragile’ approach to risk the key to thriving through disruption and volatility? Does your organisation have an ‘antifragile’ mindset?

The 2024 Global Risk Landscape shows that almost half of global business leaders believe their organisations have an antifragile approach to risk. But only 7% said their organisations were “risk welcoming” and only 19% said they were very proactive when dealing with risk. Is there a gap between the antifragile aspiration and reality? Download this year’s Global Risk Landscape to find out more.

Antifragile organisations are not only resilient, they actually improve and prosper when stressed and exposed to risk. They look for opportunity in disruption and seek to turn risk into competitive advantage. When economic, geopolitical and political landscapes seem almost continually volatile, this proactive mindset may be the key to sustainable long-term success.

The Global Risk Landscape Report also examines the attitudes of risk leaders to a range of evolving risks such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), geopolitical tensions and supply chains. This year, the report highlights how quickly risk priorities are shifting in response to the shifting business landscape;
  • Regulatory risk climbed 14 places to the No. 1 – a major concern for 37% of respondents compared to just 7% last year
  • Geopolitical tensions rose three places to third, cited by at 26% of respondents
  • Cyber risk dropped to fifth, cited by 24% of respondents
  • Environmental risk has fallen to 9th place despite being the risk business leaders said they were least prepared for in 2023


Advice and insight as well as data

The report is packed with insights and practical takeaways for managing volatility and risks through an antifragile framework. You can use the insights and wealth of data in the Global Risk Landscape report to inform your risk management processes.

About the Global Risk Landscape Report

The Global Risk Landscape Report is based on a survey of 500 C-suite executives across Europe, MEA, APAC and the Americas. The survey examines their approach to risk management and how they are responding to emerging global events that threaten their business. This is the ninth edition of the Global Risk Landscape Report.