Business Technology Solutions

More than ever before, companies are investing in IT solutions to gain efficiency, increase profitability, enhance customer experience and reduce risk. Our team comprises a wide range of technical and industry specialists, collectively able to fully understand your unique business issues and the technology solutions required to achieve them. Our key service offerings to help your business include: 

  • Application development
  • Cloud-related services
    • Cloud migration or platform deployment
    • Cloud accounting software implementation
    • Cloud human resources solution integration
  • Customer relationship management (CRM)
  • Enterprise resources planning (ERP)
  • System integration

Unleash the power of seamless enterprise solutions with BDO. We deliver an ecosystem of leading-edge SaaS applications that can transform your business operations, all for a fraction of conventional costs. Each software serves unique needs while harmonising with the whole through open API, promising a cost-effective and efficient cloud-based ERP system.

  • Xero: A cloud accounting ecosystem that automates invoicing, account reconciliation, reporting and bookkeeping
  • Workstem: A HR management tool with mobile GPS clock-in functions to streamline payroll, attendance, and employee management
  • ExpenseOnDemand: A solution that optimises your expense claiming process, making expense reporting effortless and transparent
  • ApprovalMax: Enhance your decision-making with ApprovalMax, providing a robust platform for multi-level and automated approvals
  • Dext: Powered by robust Optical Character Recognition (OCR) capability, the software ensures efficient data extraction and detailed transaction records in the cloud
  • Joiin: Work especially well with Xero to elevate your consolidated financial reporting, delivering comprehensive insightful reports
  • PipeDrive: Boost your sales performance, a CRM solution designed to drive sales and manage leads
  • Shopline: Empower your e-commerce, crafting engaging shopping experiences and managing online and physical stores effectively

Get in touch with us today to transform your operations and scale your business affordably with our interconnected SaaS applications!

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