Global Risk Landscape 2023

It is time for businesses to embrace a paradigm shift in risk management, that is the central theme of this year's Global Risk Landscape Report. Global leaders in risk are trying to understand and manage risk multipliers rather than individual risk factors.

The risk multiplier effect refers to individual risks overlapping and amplify each other with devastating and unexpected consequences. The challenge for global businesses is understand how the possible risk multipliers can affect their risk profile and operations. They need to prioritise the individual risks that have the greatest potential to amplify other risks.

The Global Risk Landscape Report also examines the attitudes of risk leaders to a range of emerging and evolving risks such as fraud, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and digital transformation, Cyber attacks and climate change. We examine whether risk leaders view these issues as a significant risk to their business and what actions they are taking to mitigate risks.

Download the full report to find out:

  • How well global businesses are identifying with the risk multiplier effect
  • How important the role of risk leaders is becoming worldwide
  • Why AI and digital transformation is at the top of the agenda for global businesses
  • How organisations are dealing with challenges such as human capital risk, fraud risk and the threat of climate change

The report and survey cover a range of issues and deliver a huge amount of useful data. You can use the report to gain insights that can help inform your risk management processes and to understand why leading businesses around the world are moving toward a more risk-welcoming approach.


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