Global Risk Landscape 2020

Published on 26 June 2020

Global businesses are vulnerable to events that damage their reputation and business leaders are increasingly aware of the need to show integrity. Business leaders also recognise that they need to be more proactive in managing these risks. These are the findings of the Global Risk Landscape 2020 report.

Based on a survey of 500 C-suite executives across EMEA, APAC and Americas. the annual Global Risk Landscape report tracks how executives' concerns reflect changes to the world around them over time. Whilst business leaders recognise integrity as an important risk, in terms of other global risks businesses feel least prepared for, 'economic slowdown' has leapt up the rankings, with computer crime and computer hacking coming second and business interruption third.

Download the Global Risk Landscape 2020 report to find out:

  • What threats do businesses see to their reputation?
  • How and why customer confidence in a business is vital and what businesses can do to build or regain that confidence?
  • What factors executives think are the most important for building future integrity?
  • Whether the CEO's brand and the organisation's brand should remain separate? How should leaders implement a trust agenda to secure both the trust of its employees and consumers?
  • Are businesses 'integrity washing', placing more importance on being perceived to have integrity than actually prioritising their integrity strategy?

As part of the Global Risk Landscape Report 2020 we have prepared three regional risk white papers that explore the differing business risks and attitudes to risk for EMEA, Americas and APAC regions.

Here you may download the main report and access our regional APAC risk white paper all with a simple one-time registration.


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