Bookkeeping and management accounts preparation

We are committed to advising you and helping you keep abreast of your financial performance, meeting your financial reporting requirements and deadlines, complying with the latest accounting standards and regulations.

Our highlights:

  • Platinum and first Global Partner of Xero
  • Solid experience in other common accounting software
  • Technical capabilities

Our services include:


  • Fully outsourced bookkeeping
  • Management accounts and reports preparation
  • Leases and other technical accounting transactions
  • Audit coordination and year-end accounting support
  • Group accounts consolidation
  • Profit projections and cash flow forecasts
  • Interim accounting solutions

Specific industry

  • Compliance reporting for SFC regulated companies
  • Funds registered under CIMA
  • E-commerce/retail accounting and reconciliation
  • Crypto-currency accounting

Our value added tools include:

  • BDO Global Portal
  • Xero accounting software
  • BDO Secure File Exchange Portal



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