BDO member firms across the globe adopt a universal audit approach by using the BDO Audit Manual. It complies fully with the International Standards on Auditing while adding supplementary guidance to address local statutory requirements. All audits are carried out seamlessly worldwide using this methodology. 

BDO’s proprietary audit software - Audit Process Tool is developed and used in all our audits which enable the audit process and documentation to be carried out in a paperless way. 

Auditing is not a static process and we recognise the need to offer our clients the best possible range of compliance and advisory services and we therefore ensure the continual development and enhancement of our range of audit tools. BDO’s methodologies, tools and guidance are developed with our clients in mind and promptly reflect external developments. 

We provide hands-on services through constant interaction with our clients’ management, so as to deliver efficient, effective and comprehensive assurance services without losing the personal touch.



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