• Tax consideration

Tax consideration

Real estate is a popular investment strategy for protecting and growing wealth. There are many tax considerations for investors in the real estate and construction sector. Whether for property developers or investors acquiring real estate investments for long term or for trading, it is important to include tax as one of the key considerations when formulating investment plans and consider all the potential tax issues in the investment cycle, including acquisition, holding and exit. Overlooking tax considerations or an inefficient tax structure could end up with unexpected tax burden where rectification could be very costly. This is particularly important for cross border real estate investments considering the complexity of income tax and transaction taxes on real estate property transactions and uncertainty in the changing international tax landscape. It is essential for businesses and investors to know how and when they may be impacted by the changing tax rules locally and globally.

Our experienced tax team provides full range of services in advising clients on the tax matters that may arise during the whole investment cycle, assisting clients to navigate through the potential challenges and taking a forward-looking approach in formulating tax strategies when making investments and divestments.