Why BDO?

Our vision and core values

Our Vision and Core Values foster a unique culture at BDO which is embodied by our services, our people and our relationships. With a reputation for integrity, quality services and supportive culture, BDO is a sound choice for those seeking rewarding professional careers.

Our vision

To be the leader for exceptional client service

Our core values


Our commitment to integrity goes much further than adherence to professional standards. It is about openness and prudent judgment, being trustworthy and straightforward in all of our working relationships. Our success builds on the corporate as well as the personal integrity of each and every staff member.

Excellent service quality 

We are committed to serving our clients with the highest quality services. We strive for continuous enhancements to our service quality, and strong personal relationships with our clients.

Mutual support 

We treat each other with consideration, respect and promote a strong ethos of sharing and consultation. We believe that teamwork and a supportive environment is essential to achieving excellent service quality and success.

Words from Human Resources Director

“We highly value integrity, excellent service quality and mutual support. If you also share the same values with us and are excited to embark on an inspiring, energising and rewarding career with a robust organisation, you are most welcome to join BDO. We are keen to provide ample learning and development opportunities as well as fun to you. Let your success be our success, your future be our future!”

- Angela Wong, Human Resources Director, BDO 

Learning opportunities

There are many world-class accounting firms. Far fewer that offers a culture so rich in mutual support, professional opportunity and personal fulfillment. At BDO, we offer you the best support and guidance to help realise your career success and to ensure you are equipped with the competencies to deliver exceptional client services, via a full range of well-structured talent development programmes.

Work-life balance and wellness

At BDO, we aim to offer our people a good balance between work, leisure, social life, personal learning and family commitment, which are achieved through our wide variety of staff benefits and caring policies including: 

- Study leave and examination leave

- Graduation ceremony leave

- Birthday leave

- Marriage leave

- Infant school starter leave for working parents

- Compassionate leave

- Paid special leave on special occasions

- BDO Flex (Sabbatical leave up to five months)

Our BDO Social Club also organises a myriad of activities for the work life balance of our staff covering interest classes, sport and recreational activities, health talks and corporate social responsibility activities.

Caring and supportive culture

At BDO, we take pride in our caring and supportive culture originated from our core value of “mutual support”, with a strong emphasis on teamwork and peer support. Our senior teammates are supportive of the junior staff and newcomers, and are eager to coach and guide the less experienced colleagues in a professional and heartfelt manner. Our caring culture is also illustrated in our comprehensive staff benefits and policies.