• Valise


Enhance your administrative and operational capabilities with our anytime, anywhere employee self-service (ESS) system.

As a leader in exceptional client services, we understand the challenges and hurdles businesses encounter when it comes to managing their employees’ administrative tasks. With technology powering more businesses each day, those that can enhance productivity and operational efficiencies through the latest innovation will have an advantage over the competition.

Valise provides a centralised gateway for employees for their use anytime, anywhere using a computer or mobile device. Combined with the ability to generate real-time data and reports, Valise is a scalable, streamlined and efficient solution to support your ESS strategy.

Our highlights:

  • Anytime, anywhere, all-in-one platform
  • Accessible via computer browser and mobile app
  • Supports real time reporting and notification
  • Allows customisation and localisation
  • Strong data protection and IT security assurance
  • Capability on single-sign-on arrangement and integration with client’s in-house solutions
  • As a stand-alone licensed solution and option to bundle with professional services

Key functionalities:

Designed to put people at the heart of the business, Valise provides a responsive interface for your employees to access functions vital to their experience with your company, including but not limited to:

  • e-payslip, e-tax return, and e-rental reimbursement
  • e-HR administration, ie e-leave, e-expense, e-appraisal
  • e-accounts payable

Also in the pipeline are e-attendance, and many more.

Our available services utilising Valise as a solution:

  • Fully managed payroll
  • Rental reimbursement scheme implementation and administration
  • Expense report verification
  • Account payable management and processing



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