• Valise


Enhancing HR Administrative & Operational Convenience With Our Anytime, Anywhere Employee Self-Service Platform

In today’s world, information technology is present in almost every aspect of our daily life, including shopping, banking, arranging travel and, more importantly, managing business activities. Technology
is now a vital part of our world, as it enables convenience, speed and accuracy and enhances communications.

As a leading provider of exceptional client services, we continuously strive to add value to the services we offer. With an understanding of our clients’ operational needs and administration hurdles, we are pleased to introduce Valise, an all-in-one employee self-service platform developed to enhance operational efficiencies and administrative conveniences for our business services and outsourcing clients.

With Valise, your employees can now retrieve their payslips, apply for leave and claim expenses, retrieve their annual employer’s return, submit receipts for rental reimbursements online using mobile devices – anytime, anywhere. Valise also provides real-time data and reports that enable your professionals to perform analyses and make decisions in a timely manner.


Valise provides a wide range of functionalities from one platform, including, among others:
• e-Payslip
• e-Leave
• e-Expense
• e-Tax Return
• e-Rental Reimbursement

Valise also provides readily available built-in standard reports. The reports are prepared using realtime user information and can be reviewed and retrieved in different formats. Tailored reports can also be made available upon request.

To find out more about how Valise can be used to drive operational efficiencies and administrative conveniences, please review the video below: