Resources Outsourcing

Headcount is precious! Have you ever considered to outsource a team or function to experts who can help to take care of all monotonous tasks?

Help your management to formulate the best headcount strategy. By outsourcing non-value adding tasks to us, you will free up headcounts for better talents who can help to contribute to your company's future.

Focus more on adding values to your business. It's time for you to change by exploring our Resources Outsourcing service!

Our Resources Outsourcing service is essentially a one-stop-shop service, supporting all your needs ranging from recruitment, onboarding, payroll and HR administration, handling employer-related obligations (where applicable), facilitating trainings, replacement of talents, arranging transitions & knowledge transfers with incoming and outgoing talents, and more.


  • Access to a team of professionals who will take care of your everyday operations, whilst keeping all compliance matters up to date
  • Reduce long term employment costs in hiring, retention and training permanent staff
  • Ensure business continuity – no more resignation or replacement issues




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