Professional Resources Solutions

This service aims to tackle company's short to medium term needs of professional resources that are required to satisfy project requirements, staff augmentation & backfills, as well as meeting the company strategies and goals, we call it 'professional secondment'.

We provide a platform for consultants, who possesses solid experiences and prefer working on a non-permanent basis, to park their employment with us. We hire them to become our consultants, act as 'consultative match-maker', and deploy qualified consultants with right experience/skills onto clients' projects. PRS also enables hiring companies to find a roster of talents for their short-to-medium term resourcing needs.

As a professional firm, our niche is immersing the concept of advisory/consulting into our 'match-making' services. We are not a traditional recruitment agency nor platform. We act as a 'consultative match-maker', help clients to identify qualified talents to satisfy their resourcing gaps, simultaneously assist 'giggers' to find suitable companies and projects to work on.

For all qualified cases, we will meet our clients to obtain a thorough understanding of our client's unique business requirements and adopt a partnership approach specifically tailored to assist you in bridging their talent, knowledge and resourcing gaps. Our ultimate aim is to help our clients to implement a flexible, sustainable and affordable resourcing strategy.



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