Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the period covered for each fiscal year for salaries tax filing?

Ans: The basis period for Salaries Tax runs from 1 April of the current year to 31 March of the succeeding year.  


2. Is it necessary to report the income paid to directors of a limited company?

Ans: Salaries and directors' fees paid to directors are chargeable to salaries tax and should be reported by means of Form IR56B.


3. What are the employers’ salaries tax filing obligations in respect of their existing employees, new and departing employees?

Ans: As shown in the following table:

Statutory obligations of an employer to report remuneration paid to an employee/employment condition

Form to complete

Statutory period for notification

Commencement of employment


Within three months

Still under employment as at 31 March


Within one month

Cessation of employment


Not later than one month before cessation

Departure from Hong Kong


Not later than one month before departure and withhold money for tax clearance











4. Is it necessary to report commission, fees or other remuneration paid to persons other than employees?

Ans: Forms IR6036B and IR56M are required to be prepared for reporting any commission, fees or other remuneration paid to subcontractor, consultant, agent, broker, freelancer, etc as at period ended 31 March.


5. When is the due date for filing of monthly MPF remittance statement and payment of MPF contributions for employees?

Ans: The 10th day of each month (eg August 2021 MPF remittance statement and payment of MPF contribution must be fulfilled by employers on or before 10 September 2021).


6. What are the current statutory requirements of employers and employees’ MPF contribution?

Ans: Employees and employers are both required to make mandatory contributions of 5% of the employee’s relevant income into the employee’s MPF account, subject to the minimum and maximum relevant income levels (eg currently HK$7,100 and HK$30,000 per month respectively).



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