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08 February 2023

There are survey results showing that companies were increasing the pace of digitalisation during the period of COVID. This global trend has not stopped at there, the transformation to digital economy is even the most important engine of innovation, competitiveness and economic growth in the...

11 February 2020

As the new year has begun, it is important to make sure you are aware of the upcoming deadlines of all payroll related compliance and you have everything in place to keep the relevant authorities and employees happy.A variety of new deadlines arise over 2020 monthly MPF compliance, annual...

15 January 2020

Do you understand the impact of new accounting standards and tax laws on your business?  The new revenue and leasing standards (HKFRS 15 and HKFRS 16) may have an impact for different businesses in terms of financial and tax reporting. In addition, the newly effective interpretation, HK(IFRIC...

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